A Short History


             *Petersfield originated from “Peter’s field,” drawing from either the “field” of Peter Bye or Peter Sinclair.  [Confer www.rmofstandrews.com, The Village of Petersfield]

             **St. Michael’s Mission, Selkirk was established in 7 January 1877 by Archbishop Alexander Antonin Tache.  Later, it became Notre Dame Church.  The new named church was blessed on 11 September 1932 by Archbishop Sinnot.


1936-2011:  Priests of St. Anne’s Parish


1].  Rev. Henry Berg, OMI         September 1936 – August 1937

2].  Rev. Bernard Nieslony, OMI                                  1937-1938

3].  Rev. Paul Hilland, OMI                                            1939-1954

4].  Rev. Joseph Boening, OMI                                     1954-1963

5].  Rev. Frank Hermann, OMI                                      1963-1966

6].  Rev. Francis Otterbach, OMI                                  1966-1973

7].  Rev. Joseph Jacek, OMI                                           1973-1975

8].  Rev. Ronald Rissling, OMI                                     1975-1978

9].  Rev. Lester Kaufman, OMI                                     1978-1985

10].  Rev. Joseph Jacek, OMI                August 1985- April 1986

11a].  Rev. George Croteau, OMI                                  1986-1989

11b].  Deacon Cecil Hoogenberg                May 1986- June 1991

12].  Rev. Ronald Zimmer, OMI                                   1989

13].  Rev. Don Pruner, OMI                                           1989-1997

14].  Rev. Sean Cahill                                                      1997

15].  Rev. Ken Barclay                                                   1997-1999

16].  Rev. Boguslaw Wardzinski                                   1999-2006

17].  Rev. Diosdado Parrenas                                         2006-2012

18].  Rev. Stan Gacek, OMI                                           2012-Present


For about 26 years [1910-1936] the Oblate Missionaries served the Catholics in the district of Petersfield [aka as “Peter’s field”*].  From their Mission House in Selkirk, i.e., St. Michael’s Mission,** the Oblate Fathers would navigate the Red River and through Netley Creek to reach out and minister to the spiritual needs of the people of Petersfield and surrounding areas.

             In 1936 a parcel of land was bought and the first church was built.  Archbishop Arthur Alfred Sinnot blessed the “little gem” St. Anne’s Church in the autumn of that year.

             The first recorded baptism was Peter Edward Bidinost on 25 October 1936 [date of birth: 2 April 1936] by Fr. Henry Berg, OMI, the first resident pastor.  The first recorded burial was Jennie Masters, 45 years old, on 18 August 1937 [date of death: 16 August 1937], also officiated by Fr. Henry.

Adjoining lots were purchased in 1949 and in 1967 for future developments of the church, cemetery and parking lot.

The first addition to the back of the church was in 1951; and a choir loft and a frontage in 1960, to accommodate more people.   With the influx of the “cottage parishioners” during the summer months, a new church was built;  and blessed on Sunday, 9 April 1989, by Archbishop Adam Exner.

The Oblate Fathers from St. Margaret’s Church, Little Britain, ministered to St. Anne’s Parish for many years.  Since 1999 the priests of Notre Dame Church, Selkirk served the congregation of St. Anne’s.

             1936-2011:  75 years of faithful service to God and community by the Parish of St. Anne, Petersfield; indeed, a great source of glad tidings and blessings to all!

Saint Anne’s Church, Petersfield