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To the Notre Dame Catechism Program.

We trust the website will be helpful to families in several ways. “Finding God 2013” information and online resources will assist families   in knowing their Catholic faith. In addition to knowing our faith we also want everyone, no matter the age or stage of life to also grow in faith. Faith and service opportunities are scheduled into our catechism program and are advertised in the annual NDCP calendar, and monthly “Chat Echism” newsletter, which are now available online.

We further believe that faith formation, building a loving relationship with our Lord, happens  with both catechesis and participation in the celebration of Mass.  In one we are “informed” and the other “formed” by Christ in the Eucharist therefore regular Mass participation by catechism children and their families is essential for proper catechesis and knowing Christ. The second Sunday of the month, (September to June), Mass is led by the catechism program where the children take turns being involved in the liturgical celebration to deepen their faith connection between catechism and Jesus in the Eucharist. Mass is where we do, what families do when they love each other: we gather  together to be together and share a meal - the Body & Blood of Christ - the Eucharist.

Catechists of NDCP in collaboration with the Holy Spirit,   partner with parents to build on the faith that they have been handing on to their children, since birth, in their homes — the  “domestic church”.  United together through the Sacrament of Baptism we are all called to live out the Gospel message and to pass on the Good News of Jesus Christ to others.

May God bless us as we journey in faith together.  May our Blessed Mother Mary intercede for us.

Blessings, Wendy Smolinski 

Notre Dame Catechism Coordinator

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